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  • G2 Chubby water pan

    So I fired up my new G2 Chubby a couple of months ago following both the user guide and Backwoods UTube video. Perfect temperture control right from the get go. My question is the water pan level. The Backwoods UTube video said to only fill the water pan about 1/2 full to get a nice bark on some brisket. I filled mine up about half way and the smoker was billowing steam the entire cook. The temp was steady at 250 degrees. I did add more water along the way to hold the pan between 1/4 and 1/2 full. Same thing happened the 2nd time around.

    The third use (and fourth) I lined the water pan with one of my wife's foil Steam Table Pans just to help with clean up. The 21" X 13" disposable pans fit perfectly. I filled the pan with the same amount of water and the visible steam is gone. The water in the foil liner still evaporates but only wisps of smoke are visible from the chimney.

    I assume there should not be steam billowing from the chimney?? Is it because the water pan is too low?? Any issues lining the water pan with disposable foil pans?? Thanks!