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    Fiberglass mesh is based on alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn as raw material, woven into glass fiber mesh as the substrate, and then coated with acrylic copolymer solution made of a new type of alkali resistant products. Mainly applicable to cement, gypsum, walls, buildings and other structures inside and outside the surface enhancement, anti-cracking. It is the external wall insulation works of a new building materials.
    Technical parameters
    Fiberglass mesh information
    Key wordFiberglass Mesh
    ApplicationExterior wall external insulation
    Mesh size5x5mm ,4x5mm,4x4mm
    Weight80g- -300g/m2
    Roll length50m - 100m (OEM Aceeped)
    Roll width50mm, 80mm, 100mm (OEM Aceeped)
    ColourWhite, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red etc.
    MOQ50 Roll
    1.Good chemical stability:Anti-alkali, anti-acid, antiwater, resistant to cement erosion, and resistance to other chemical corrosion. And has a strong bond with resin , soluble in styrene and so on.
    2.High strength, high modulus, light weight.
    3.The size of good stability, stiffness, formation, not easy to shrink deformation, good positioning.
    4.Good toughness. Shock resistance is better.
    5.Anti-mildew, pest .
    6.Fire, insulation, noise, insulation
    1) wall reinforcing material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panel, EPS internal wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.
    2) enhance cement products (such as Roman Columns, flue, etc.).
    3) granite, Mosaic net, marble back net.
    4) waterproof rolling material cloth and asphalt roofing waterproof.
    5) strengthen the skeleton material of plastic and rubber products.
    6) fire prevention board.
    7) grinding wheel base cloth.
    8) earthwork grille for road surface.
    9) building and seaming belts and so on.
    Fiberglass mesh inspection show for your reference
    Company Information
    Yantai Lingyun Glass Fiber Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1998.
    It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in alkali-resistant mesh cloth production in Jiaodong.
    The company has 100 rapier looms, 5 alkali-resistant coating machines, 2 emulsion production lines, and an annual output of 30 million square meters of Lingyun brand mesh.
    CertificationFiberglass Mesh in stock