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    The working principle and application characteristics of DC permanent magnet brushless motors are the same as ordinary DC motors, but the composition is different. In addition to the motor itself, the permanent magnet brushless motor also has a commutation circuit, the motor itself and the commutation circuit are closely combined. The motors of many low-power motors are integrated with commutation circuits. From the appearance, the brushless DC motor is exactly the same as the DC motor.
    1) Using highly intelligent software control, through the best algorithm and hardware design to minimize the heat of the controller, thereby optimizing the matching between the controller and the motor.
    2) The high-capacity design and high-quality automotive-grade electronic components make the controller more reliable.
    3) Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration performance.
    4) The starting current is large and there is no jitter, and the motor can obtain a large starting torque.
    5) During the entire operation of the motor, the vibration is small and the noise is small.
    6) Multi-level overcurrent protection.
    7) Stall protection, when the motor is blocked for a long time, the controller enters the stall protection, which effectively prevents the motor and controller from burning.Boat Motor manufacturers