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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line factory

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  • Corrugated Cardboard Production Line factory

    High speed 1/3/5/7 ply layer corrugated cardboard production line

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    Product Description
    Ply corrugated prodcuction line
    Complete Set
    Electric Mill Roll Stand
    Ply corrugated cardboard prodcuction line

    1,Symmetrical structure, which can be installed at the same time two bundle of paper tube; The use of electric drive to complete base paper clamping, lifting, loosen, moving in and around translational action.
    2,Working Width:1600mm.
    3,Maximum Reel Paper: 1400x1600mm.
    4,Minimum Reel Paper::400x800mm.
    Maximum Bearing Of Single Side:2000kg.
    6,Penumatic brake set.
    7,ectrical components are centralized control, button action.
    8, travel switch control range.
    9, friction slices pre-tightening force control lifting weight.
    10.One main motor, power 2.2 kw, each arm power 1.5 kw脳4
    Absorb Single Facer
    Layer corrugated prodcuction line
    1.It adopts cover-type structure, with high pressure blower and suction silencer device.Air supply and the electrical cabinet focused on the same operation from hosts not less than 1.5 m.
    2.Frame and panel wall with cast iron structure, wall thickness of 130mm.Main drive with built-in oil filled gearbox transmission.
    3. Corrugated roller made of 48CrMo alloy steel, quenched and tempered, medium-frequency quenching, surface grinding, Corrugating roller diameter DIA 268mm of surface hardness HRC58 or more (service life not less than Locke millions running metres, corrugated roller finished wall thickness of about 55mm, repairs twice) critical parts such as rollers, pressure rollers wafangdian bearing high temperature bearings.
    4.Pressure roller DIA 270mm, surface grinding and chrome-plating process, the cylinder control pressure, material for carbon steel, 45th, quenching and tempering (with device).(Finished wall thickness of about 55mm)
    5.Gluing wall plate armed structure, pneumatic controls, glue roller 25 line pits dot the surface processing ,after the hard chromium plating process, squeegee roller surface hard chromium plating grinding.
    6.Corrugating roller, pressure roller and raw materials provided by the Zhongyuan special steel, corrugated rolls for 0.10 , high pressure roller for 0.075.being with the positioning device
    7.Clamping cylinder adopts 160mm
    8.pre-heating roller adopts two bars of seamless steel pipe named as 240mm and 270mm, which is originated from Tian Gang .
    Conveyor Bridge
    Layer corrugated cardbaord prodcuction line

    1.this part is connected with 20#channel iron , 16#beam,63#angle steel total length is 10 meter
    2.attached paper hanger , and Synchronously running with the corrugated machine
    3.attached with security Barricade for 1 set(1 inch tube) , ladder for 1 set(made of 1 inch welded tube,width for 600mm)
    4.Electric correction, it will be glutted when it gets adsorption
    5.That Spreading 12 PCT on conveyor bridge plate, thickness of 10MM
    6.Double preheating and gluing the bridge sidewalks , make it connected .
    Dual Pre-Heating Device
    1.Heating roller 2 - 600mm, and adopts Q235B container board .
    2.Heating roller electric switch point, adjust the range between 60-270 degree.
    3.It is processed with scrubbing eletro-plating,which is smooth and durable
    4.all of the thickness of the pre-heating roll reaches at12mm or more .
    Gluing Machine

    1.Gluing roller with its surfaces pitted Anilox, hard chrome plating, gelatinize for durability.
    2.Squeegee grinding roll with its surface processed with hard chrome plating.
    3. The rest of the leading paper with its surface getting hard chromium plated.
    4.pressure roller adopts pneumatic lifting and dropping
    5.,manually adjusting the amount of gluey , electrically supply the gluey
    6.gluing roller240mm,pressure roller 130mm,Squeegee roller 110mm,pre-heating roller270mm is with invertor motor , and computerized tracking and synchronously running with the double facer.
    Double Facer
    Carton corrugated prodcuction line

    1.the wide of heating plate is 600mm , divided into 9 blocks.Q235B container processing , polishing plate for more than 20mm on the heating plate, side plate is 16mm. 4.5 metres. Cold-ing part is 4.5m.
    2.Heating plate distributor controlled by three cross- sections with pressure displaying . adopts the intensive press roller on the heating plate , the distance between the pressure roller is 150-180mm and electric lifting roller, pressure roller diameter DIA is 70mm, thickness of 6.5mm, bob-weight processing ;the cooling section adopts intensive pressure Roller, the distance between the pressure roller is 200mm .diameter of the roller is 70mm, thickness of 6.5mm, bob-weight processing . adopts domestic quality cotton compounded belt, service life over three years.
    5. Upper paper feeding tensioner system for 1 set
    6. For the Direction correction on the upper conveyor belt, it adopts the manual way.
    7.the under conveyor belt tensioner for 1 set, and manual way
    8.the upper roller as 536mm for the driving part, and Spiral grooving for the outside process ,as to boost the friction
    9. The under part of its roller as 536mm , on the driving part, also as spiraling grooving for boosting the friction.
    10.t feeding conveyor belt with the leading roller: 290mm,240mm,each
    The main structure adopts 28#channel iron
    12.Transmission part adopts oil-soaked Gearbox transmission on the outside.
    13.Pipe flange connection , all gaskets adopts graphite.
    Thin Blade Slitter And Scorer

    1.thin tungsten steel alloy blade made of high quality, razor sharp, and long service life.After cutting board edge finishing, no Burr, no squashed, and good linearity, cardboard quality is greatly improved.
    2.beautiful creasing shape , easily fold.
    3.Sharpening devices equipped with manual and pneumatic grinding of two ways, and grinding on the side to improve efficiency.
    4.Increasing electric transversal features electric deviation, simple operation.
    5.Electrical domestic brands or imported products, reliable performance.
    6.while the running of synchronizing wheel and belt , it turns out low noise , long service life.
    Computerized Transverse Cutting Machine

    1. Motor driving control adopts the german brand kobe. Displaying with touched screen
    2.cutting length:500-9999mm
    3.cutting precision:卤1mm feeding exchanger, storing order reaches at 200.
    5.the transverse blade adopts inlaid front steel type, free of fixing for about half year .
    6.the delivering gear adopts air-hardening , tightly installed .
    7.the related axle is tightly sealed , no any leaking of the oil.
    Paper Delivery Belt is controlled by convertor motor , can be linked to operating with transverse cutting machine realize the stacker as shuttered style
    3.delivering with the whole belt, to reduce the damage of the paper board

    Factory ShowCorrugated Cardboard Production Line factory

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