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Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire VS Enameled Copper Wire

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  • Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire VS Enameled Copper Wire

    What's the different between Aluminum Enameled Wire and enameled wire? How to choose a professional enameled wire manufacturer? Advantages of enameled copper wire? Advantages of enameled aluminum wire?

    Copper is more conductive, requiring smaller cross-section for a given current (though more expensive) and easier to solder or otherwise connect.

    Enameled copper is the type of wire used to wire motor windings. It comes in various thickness depending on the device.

    When the wire is formed, the last step is run it through Enamel to create a paper thin insulation coating.

    This prevents the wires that are packed ever so tightly together from shorting out with each other.

    If you've never watched a motor being wound, I'd suggest you check it out. It's pretty amazing how they do it. The modern machine winders are unbelievable, while the old school guys who use coil winders on their work bench are very impressive

    Aluminum is less conductive, requiring larger cross-section for a given current. Despite this, it is cheaper than copper. As @analogsystemsrf noted, aluminum very quickly oxidizes, preventing soldering. Also, depending on the specific alloy, aluminum will tend to deform under pressure, loosening from under improperly tightened screws, producing high-resistance connections. Special considerations are required for good connections, especially for high-current applications.

    To buy the enamelled copper wire from a manufacturer online, you need to make sure that the manufacturing company is reliable and reputed. The company should only offer quality products which abide by global and local quality standards. The products must also be thoroughly tested to make them completely safe for use. Xinyu has built its reputation on delivering wire sourcing solutions for its customers. With the largest, most varied inventory of Enamelled Wire and Enameled Copper Strip found anywhere. You can click to learn more information.