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  • Floor plan planner:

    • Simply design the floor plan of your house or your completely new house with your mouse and keyboard. In 2D/3D you plan every room with millimeter precision, both of the floor plan planners take over the auto calculation of the respective room size for you. accurate information about the wall thickness, drawn angles, distances, and other important dimensions are provided directly. In this way, you not only create a 1: 1 pic of your apartment in the room planner, here you can visit Room planner for 3d room design. but you can also use the software to plan the floor plan for your new building. In many cases, you can choose from standardized templates and then simply move walls with a click of the mouse or you can start from scratch or on a green field. In addition to the house itself, you can also use this function to plan outdoor areas such as the garden or a terrace and balconies.
    • Designing rooms:
      After planning the floor plan in 3D/2D, the new step is the interior design. Use drag & drop to place windows and gates with standard dimensions, configure the roof, and select wall surfaces and floor coverings.