Groot - The Adorable Tree From The Guardians of the Galaxy
Groot is the most adorable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This officially licensed teen costume includes everything you need to become the lovable tree-creature from the movie franchise.

Groot first appeared in Tales to Astonish and can only say three words—"I am Groot". You can recreate his appearance with foam, fabric, or real branches and leaves attached to a hat or mask. Adult Size

Groot, the lovable tree from Guardians of the Galaxy, is an adorable superhero with a heart of gold and only one phrase: “I am Groot.” This movie character has become an icon for Marvel, as well as a meme, thanks to his simple personality and expressive face.

Become this flora colossus for Halloween or any costume event with this Adult Groot Costume. This men’s jumpsuit has a digitally printed twisted branch body with attached 3D guantlets, and includes a moulded face mask. It ties at the back for easy wear.

Groot first made his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy before joining the Avengers to fight against Thanos. He is a powerful tree that is loyal to his friends, and especially Star-Lord. Toddler Size

Groot is a fun, carefree character who brings out the best in everyone around him. He is a man of few words (actually, he's not a man at all, just a tree) but he's very loyal to his friends and the universe. Groot is one of the most recognizable characters from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers movies.

This boys Baby Groot costume features a brown and green printed jumpsuit that is designed to resemble the body of a tree. The look is completed with a mask and a pair of Groot costume hands.

If you are dressing your child as Groot, make sure to check sizing. European sizing is based on height and not age, so it is important to find the right fit. To measure your child, place a piece of butcher paper on the floor and have them lay down. Mark their height with a pencil and use that measurement to determine the size of their clothes. Kids Size

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Groot Costume
Kids who want to dress as Groot can use clothing resembling tree bark to get the look of this character. Alternatively, they can create their own costume by adding textured fabric or foam and using body paint to add shading and depth.

They can also create a headpiece or mask to look like Groot's branch-like hair. To do this, they can either purchase a headband that has branches and leaves printed on it or make one of their own. The costume can then be finished off with a pair of Groot gloves and a Groot mask.

A deluxe version of the Groot costume is available for children and younger teens. It includes a jumpsuit and a mask. This is perfect for any child who wants to join Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy in their fight against Thanos. This costume is officially licensed by Marvel.